Monday, August 31, 2009

Dari Lensa Kamera #3

Salam 1 Malaysia

Salam Merdeka. Sudah 52 tahun kita merdeka. Apa yg pasti kemerdekaan bg setiap org adalah berbeza. Walaupn kita tahu merdeka yg kita raikan adalah sekadar tarikh keramat dan bknlh kerana memperjuangkan tokoh-tokoh kemerdekaan yg bertungkus lumus membebaskan tanah melayu drpd British. Setiap org meraikan kemerdekaan dgn cara berbeza-beza. Ada yg sekadar ingin berhibur tanpa mengenal erti kemerdekaan itu sendiri. Ada pula yg begitu patriotik dan bangga dgn apa yg dicapai oleh Malaysia pd masa ini.

Aku lebih suka Malaysia dipanggil Tanah Melayu kerana adanya nama Melayu disitu, ttp oleh kerana negara kita mempunyai berbilang bangsa, nama Tanah Melayu ditukar kpd Malaysia. Konsep Malaysian Malaysia yg pernah diterapkan oleh DAP suatu masa dulu tidak sama dgn konsep yg dibawa oleh Perdana Menteri kita Najib Tun Razak. Konsep yg cuba diterapkan oleh beliau adalah utk menyatupadukan semua kaum di Malaysia ini tanpa menyentuh hak sedia ada kaum Melayu di Negara ini. Berbeza dgn konsep Malaysian Malaysia yg mahukan hak sama rata semua kaum di Malaysia.

Apa yg pasti Malaysia sudah MERDEKA. Merdeka dari segi penjajahan keatas British dan Komunis. Dari segi ideology, kita masih blum dapat memerdekakan diri kita sepenuhnya. Bnyk lagi perkara yg harus kita bebaskan dari belenggu penjajah keatas diri kita. Apapun aku tetap sayang Malaysia.

Apa yg aku nampak semalam semangat kemerdekaan pd jiwa anak muda kita skrang semakin pudar. Tk ramai yg nk gantung bendera pd kereta seperti tahun-tahun sebelum nie. Mungkin tkde sponsor dr kerajaan sebab tue la tkde bendera yg kita nmpak. Iklan kat tv pn tiada yg baru. Yg ada pn iklan TM yg simple jer. Yg lain semua iklan sedia ada dan ditayangkan balik jer. Kenapa tkder yg nk buat iklan merdeka. Apa dah jadi. Bkn anak muda jer yg tk menjiwai merdeka, tapi badan koporat pn tak ambil peduli. Takkan petronas tkde budget kot taun nie. Lu pikir la sendiri.. ;p

Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka Ke-52

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Dell : Buka puasa ape hr nie?

Me : Tk tau lg la. Rase nk mkn murtabak Pak Din ngn air tebu.

Dell : Owh, beli kt PARAM ker?

Me : PARAM?.. Tklh, kt bazaar Kg Baru jer kot.

Dell : PARAM la tue..Org KL panggil PARAM.

Me : ?? PARAM (Confuse)

Param tue singkatan utk Pasar Ramadhan. Org kl pggl param ker. Pelik btul, br hr nie aku dgr. Huh, tp sedap gk kn.. ;p

Aku igt Param yg pelawak tue. Bkn die dh meninggal ker..huhuuu..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Salam Ramadhan

Dpt jgk taun nie aku pose lg. Sronok sgt dpt bjumpa dgn ramadhan lg kn. Aku harap ramadhan taun nie lebih baik dr yg lps2. Agak2 bleh ker aku smayang terawih full taun nie. Hahahaa..

Sempena Ramadhan nie, trigt plak aku pose mase zaman skola2 asrama dlu. Yg tk pose tue jgn ckp la, asal sempat gi toilet jer msti minum sket nyer..Hahaa, cmtue pn bleh kn. Kalo da lapa sgt stok maggi mmg bnyk nyer, so tk heran la kalo ader yg tk pose. ;p
Tp aku tk ler mcm diorg tue. Pose tue wajib beb, hahaaa..

Blom pn stat puasa da dpt kurma 3 kotak, kurma taun lps pn ader lg tk abes.. ;p
Bj raye taun nie sponsor lg, kt Hugo plak. Tk pyh nk pikir2 da psl bj mlayu. Kaler kn ikut theme sponsor, kaler orange plak la taun nie. Jd la kn, da free amik jer la.. ;p

Gamba2 trbaru bnyk lg yg tk upload. Tk sempat la nk edit smua. Nnt ader maser bleh la upload sket2. Neway, Salam Ramadhan utk smua.

* Nk pg bazaar kt maner eh arie nie.. ;p

Friday, August 21, 2009

Marhaban Ya Ramadhan

Yaa Allah, jadikanlah ramadhan tahun ini menjadi yang terbaik bagi kami, bagi keluarga kami, saudara-saudara kami dan sesama muslim.

Yaa Allah jagalah keistiqomahan hambamu dalam menjalankan ibadah ramadhan jangan engkau jadikan future dalam menjalankan ibadah.

Yaa Allah jagalah keikhlasan, kesabaran, ketaqwaan, dan keimanan dalam menjalankan ibadah puasa.

Yaa Allah jagalah niat hambamu ini dalam menjalankan ibadah puasa semata-mata hanya karena-Mu.

Yaa Allah bersihkan hati kami dari sifat takabur, jagalah lisan kami dari perkataan yg sia-sia, jagalah setiap langkah kami agar selalu berjalan dalam bimbingan-Mu, jagalah pendengaran kami agar selalu mendengarkan lantunan ayat suci-Mu, jagalah mata kami agar selalu menangis akan takut kebesaran-Mu

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Goals to set for this Ramadan

Eat, drink and be moderate

Almost all of us do it - once Iftar time hits, we just keep plowing food and drink into our mouths till it's hard to move afterwards. And those of us who do it know this is totally contrary to the spirit of Ramadan, through which we're supposed to learn self-control not self-indulgence. Let's try to stick to the Prophetic rule on eating: fill our stomachs with one-third food, one-third water and one-third breathing space, even in Ramadan.

Give a dollar a day in charity...or five or ten

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was always generous but even more so in Ramadan. Let's open our hearts and dig a little deeper in our wallets this year. Even less than a dollar a day adds up. Whatever you can give, it's the intention that counts.

Memorize 4 new Surahs

Memorizing the Quran often seems like a daunting task. But the key is doing it in small bites. Since there are four weeks in Ramadan, try to memorize one new Surah a week. Start off with a short, easy one. Once you've started, you'll build momentum and may even want to memorize a longer one the following week.

Go to Tarawih prayers

Post-Iftar, the first urge is to sleep after an exhausting day. But try your best to head out to the mosque for Tarawih prayers. Praying alone is wonderful, but doing it in congregation is fantastic. The community spirit is part of Ramadan's blessings. Don't miss it this year. If going every day is not possible, try going at least once week.

Attend the Tarawih prayer in which the recitation of the Quran will be finished

Call the local mosque and find out which day the Imam will be finishing the recitation of the Quran in prayer. Attend to not only hear part of the Quran's recitation in prayer, but also participate in the heart-rending Duas that follow it.

Stop swearing and/or backbiting Ð with a special box

It's hard not to shoot our mouths off when someone's upset us. Whether we utter those four-letter words or backbite about someone to our family and friends, we know this isn't the God-approved way of letting off steam. In Ramadan, when we want to build our spirituality, we've got to wage Jihad against our bad habits.

Try this: get a box and every time you catch yourself swearing or backbiting put some money in it. It could be a buck or less. The point is to choose an amount that makes it feel like punishment.

At the end of the month send the money to a charity or buy a gift for the person whom you've backbitten the most against.

Call/email your relatives

You'd think that given the easy access to email, competitive long-distance calling rates, phone cards, etc. these days, we'd keep in touch with family and friends more often. But the opposite seems to be the case, as we get caught up in life's "busyness."

Strengthening ties with family members and keeping in touch with friends is part of our way of life and an act Allah is very pleased with. This Ramadan, call family and friends or at least email them a Ramadan card and ask them how their fasting is going.

Go on a technology diet

Even if you work in the IT industry, you can do this. Avoid checking personal email and surfing the web during your fast. After Iftar, instead of plopping yourself in front of the screen, go to Tarawih. The same goes for the television. The point is to try to give our full attention to spiritual elevation this month.

Read 5 minutes of Quran a day...just five, not more, not less

Even if you feel you've got absolutely no time, set a timer or the alarm on your cell phone and find a relatively quiet place. You can read the first page of the Quran you open or follow a sequence. The choice is yours. The point is simply to connect with God through His revelation in the month of the Quran.

Forgive everyone who has hurt you

Still got a festering wound from the fight with your friend last year? Still upset about something your spouse said during a heated argument? Or are you still bitter about the way your parents sometimes treated you as a kid? Let go of the anger and pain this Ramadan and forgive those who have hurt you. Forgiving someone is not only good for the body, but it's also great for the soul. And in Ramadan, ten days of which are devoted to Allah's forgiveness, shouldn't we lesser beings forgive too?

If you find it very difficult to forgive everyone, forgive at least three people.

Salam Ramadan !!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Bukan channel astro.

Bukan juga no bertuah.

No. yg sentiasa bertambah tiap tahun.

Thanks to whos wish me.

But NO present this year. Same like last year. Hahaha..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Anti ISA - 1 Ogos 2009

Rakyat telah bersuara
Wajarkah ISA di Malaysia?
Akta tanpa bicara
Tepuk dada tanya selera